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Fraction Fest 2017: Webinars and More!

fraction professional development
I'm excited to announce that my third and final webinar is ready to roll!  I can't wait to chat with you all about fractions--a topic that is often seen as the most difficult math concept to teach our younger students.  Year after year, I get the MOST requests for help with lessons and ideas related to fractions.  To help, I have crafted this webinar to address some key issues faced by teachers who want to make fractions accessible and meaningful for their students.

The webinar addresses a few key ideas...

1.  What makes fractions so difficult to teach and learn?
2.  What common teaching practices should we be mindful of?
3.  What is the role of math discourse in fraction instruction?
4.  What are common fraction misconceptions that we need to address?

If you are interested in the discussion, sign ups have now opened up!  I would love to see you there...and there are four August dates available for you to choose from.  Just click the image below to take you to the fraction freebie handout--and the sign-up link is right in the description.  
fraction professional development
If you have followed me for any length of time, you know that I have blogged extensively about key fraction concepts--and, in fact, I created an entire fraction unit out of a series of 16 of those posts.  I recently added some new features to that unit, so if you own it, make sure to go redownload it to grab the new elements!  If you don't own it, check it out and see what you think.
fraction lessons and teaching ideas
I've also had many people ask me to take all my fraction resources and put them in a huge bundle to make things easier...and so I did!  I'm excited to offer this bundle of 10 fraction items which will provide you with everything you need to really dig deeply into fractions.  Make sure to download the preview to see exactly what you get!
hands on fraction activities and lessons
Finally, I have had such positive feedback on my formative assessment toolbox resources--but people were begging for fractions.  Here they are!  I hope you find this resource helpful.  It includes 78 different half-page formative assessments to use throughout your year.  See what you think!
fraction fraction assessment
 So...this begins my "Fraction Fest 2017"!  I plan on blogging more soon...but I wanted to get the word out on the webinars for those of you who want to participate in these webinars in the waning days of summer.
Want to pin it for later?  Here you go--or just click the image to take you to the sign-up

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