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A New Webinar: Teaching Problem Solving

It's here!

I am so excited...I have SO much enjoyed interacting with you during my place value webinars in June...and I can't wait to share some more ideas with you in my new problem solving webinar!  (You missed the place value one?  No worries...due to popular request, I've added a few new sessions!)

One thing that I have always been passionate about is trying to get students AND TEACHERS excited about math--and my goal with my summer webinar series has been to share a little of my knowledge, share some research, and then give you LOTS of tips and strategies to use in your classroom to make learning math meaningful and fun--and teaching it easier and more enjoyable.

I really hope you'll join me to keep the conversation going...we can work to make a difference in how students feel about math and how we can be more effective in delivering the rigorous curriculum expected of us.  I hope you find it helpful.  To keep things fun this summer, I am also entering all registrants into a drawing for a $10 voucher for my store--each webinar will have a winner drawn.  If that winner is in attendance at the end, they can pick out $10 of resources to use!

Click the image below for the freebie note taking document and to see the sign-up schedule.
Miss the place value and number sense webinar? I added a few July times!

Click the image below to see the details or to sign up.

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  1. The links in the note-taking PDF both take you to the sign up for the place value webinar. Can you please post the link to sign up for the problem solving webinar? Thank you!

    1. So sorry! I must have been tired last night! I fixed up above...and here it is again. https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/rt/3037825666815856897


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