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After years of just doing little bits on the side, I have made the decision to take my professional development and consulting to the next level!  I'm super excited to share my love of learning with teachers around the country.  If you have snooped around my new blog design at all, you may have noticed a tab for "Professional Development"--well, it's up and ready for action!

One of my very favorite things to do is work closely with teachers to build their "toolbox" of teaching strategies--and to get them super fired up to teach math.  I have consulted with individual teachers to help with planning, worked at the building level to make systematic changes, and have even taught week-long workshops...and I'm ready to take my show on the road!

If you think your building or district are looking for someone to come in and work with teachers in any number of ways, I'd love to chat with you.  Wondering what kinds of things we could do together?

  • I can spend a day in your building or district working with different groups of teachers...
  • I can work with a large group for short or extended professional development....
  • I can come in, observe, take notes, and then work with a leadership team to plan for how to take math instruction to the next level...
  • I can help work with a staff or group of staff members to look at curriculum and find ways to help teachers better deliver it...
  • I can work with new teachers on best practices in math...
  • Or we can design our own plan!

As you know, TEACHERS tend to be the agents of change in their school communities.  I'd love for you to share the information with the decision makers in your district.  How can I connect with them?

  • Share the link to the "Professional Development" tab to my blog...Just CLICK HERE  for the link.
  • Share the link to my brochure on Teachers Pay Teachers.  You can find it by CLICKING HERE.
  • Print the brochure and hand it to your administrator!
As an added bonus, any teacher whose "share" of my information results in a booking will receive a $100 credit to my store as a thank you!
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