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Monday Made It! Grad parties and more!

Happy Summer, everyone!

It has been the BUSIEST spring of my life with my baseball playing son finishing his senior year of high school!  I thought I'd share a little bit of what I have been working on in June in my few spare moments so I have hooked up with Tara at 4th Grade Frolics for my first "Monday Made It" of the summer!  Make sure to click the image below to take you to the link up to see all the other great ideas people are sharing this week!

The main thing I have been working on this spring has been survival--surviving the end of the school year (I finished June 9), finishing the baseball season (We finished last Tuesday with a loss in the State Semifinals), finishing my son's senior year/graduation, and FINALLY--his grad party on Saturday.  I thought I'd share a few things I made to make the day as special as I could!  It was a great day...although certainly bittersweet.

The party.  First o all, it seemed silly to spend $9 on a banner when I could make one, right?

Ummmm...several hours later and probably $5 worth of ink and card stock, world's LONGEST congratulations sign was born.
 I hung it on one wall of the garage with a bunch of photos...on the right I used red ribbon and strung all his school/formal pictures...from 3 months to 4K to senior pics! I mounted the pictures on black card stock and used a silver pen to write his age on each.  Everyone loved to see how he has changed in 18 years.  The other candids are some of my favorite shots from the last 18 years--many with friends.  I bought some cheap black mats online and just taped the photos to the back.
 I had to rent tables and chairs because we have none!  I used red and white (his high school AND college colors!) and these funky little dot garlands I found on clearance at Target to make the tables into a baseball theme.  More photos on each table, of course--as well as collages on little easels everywhere.
 My son is a "candy guy" so I made a candy buffet for his eat during the party and then had a stack of take out containers so they could take some "to go" as well!

 I didn't want to buy a cardboard box for his cards so I just tied a ribbon around a basket I already had and used a little chalkboard sign I found in the Dollar Spot.  I can't tie a bow but finally convinced myself that I just had to live with it.

With temperatures pushing 90 degrees and so much food that you should ALL have come, we had a great day.  I am so blessed that my son had an amazing high school experience with great friends and family.  It was quite a celebration.
Because I've been so busy, I haven't had much time for working on school things...but I am trying to get more intervention materials ready for the fall, so I did get one new game ready to roll.  Tomorrow I plan to blog a little about what "structuring" is and how important it is for our students.  This game is meant to help reinforce those concepts so stop back tomorrow and learn more about it!

Thanks as always to Tara for hosting this fun link up...and I am excited to be back blogging a bit more regularly now!  Happy summer to all of you--and for those of you not quite finished yet, the end is in sight!


  1. WOW, you did an AMAZING job on decorating for your son's graduation party! What a brilliant idea to make the baseballs on the table out of the creative! I love your candy bar. We had one at our wedding and it was so fun for the kids!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. You constantly amaze me, Meg!! From your practical & useful teaching products (which we already knew about!), to your party planning & decorating skills! So hard to balance being a mom & TpT & teaching, yet you do it all! Such a bittersweet time; my oldest will be a college senior this fall, but her high school graduation seems like yesterday! Congratulations to Max (& you!).

  3. May is such a crazy month! The party decor looks amazing- I love the candy bar and table cloths! Hopefully you can enjoy some downtime before heading back to school. Thank you for sharing the fun math game too! :)

  4. Beautiful party decor!! I bet it was wonderful! I love the math game, as well! Visit me at PJ Jots!

  5. Wow, have you been busy! Your ideas for the graduation party were really creative - baseball theme and all! And the candy bar, with take home bags is just too cute!

  6. Wow! The party decorations look amazing! I hope you are finally getting some time to relax.

    Krazy Town

  7. Looks amazing! Congratulations on all your accomplishments. Your creativity shines!

  8. WOW! You were so thoughtful and creative on your son's graduation party. I am sure he will remember it forever!

  9. You are a genius! I love how you turned the tables into beautiful baseballs! I'll forgive the Wisconsin Badger decor (Ski-U-Mah all the way)... your son is lucky to have such a creative, thoughtful mom! Congrats on the the graduation!

  10. It looks like an amazing open house! Beautiful!

  11. What a fun party AND the candy bar?!!??!?! Girl, that's my kind of par-tay;) I can't wait to read about your game! I am going from having high kiddos to a variety so I will def. need some intervention materials! Thanks for linking up friend!!!

  12. Wow! What an amazing party you arranged. The decorations are fabulous. I hope you had time to enjoy yourself, as well.

  13. Your party decorating skills are second-to-none! If you get tired of teaching you have something you can fall back on!

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  15. Gorgeous party decorations, Meg! What an incredibly memorable event it must've been! Now rest up and relax 'cause you deserve it!
    Heather from Mrs. Renz’ Class

  16. What a bitter-sweet ending to yet another year for you. Congrats to you and Max! Quite an amazing job on decorating too. Hoping you now take some time for you to decompress and've MORE than earned it....Happy Summer Meg!

    1. P.S. Love your Dollar Deals...put this one along with another I found yesterday in my Wish List.


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