Increasing Independence with Book Clubs!

Check out my post over at Upper Elementary Snapshots today!  Check out some of my best ideas for planning and implementing book clubs with your intermediate students.  I'd love to hear what you think--and to hear YOUR ideas about using book clubs!   Just click the picture above and check out today's post!

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  1. Meg,
    Excellent, informative post!

    I teach 4th grade ELL students from El Salvador and Guatemala. Since January, I've held an after-school Book Club, where we do choral reading for one hour. Attendance is mandatory. We're reading James Patterson's Treasure Hunter's #1, which I purchased (15 copies). Students set up chairs in a circle, get their books and position our anchor charts for "Predictions," "Questions" and "Vocabulary", which they write on a sticky note, tell everyone, then post on charts. We begin reading right away. Someone begins by picking a name stick, then they do popcorn. Students add comments occasionally, and I clarify vocabulary. They love it! My principal purchased Books #2-3, and we'll begin #2 soon. Students will finish #2 at home when school ends, return it to my Principal at school in the summer, then pick up Book #3. (They'll sign for it.) I'll have the same club books next year for my incoming class, however, I'll begin in September. Choral reading leads to higher Lexiles and they have FUN!