I Teach 4th! Check out my post today--Status of the Class

Many of you have read my posts about why I find taking "Status of the Class" to be so important.  Today I have shared my thoughts on a new collaborative blog...iTeach 4th!  Click the logo to take you to my post today!
Don't forget to read through to the bottom where I link to my new YouTube channel--with a new video all about taking status of the class and my system for doing so!
Hope you like it!  More videos coming soon...


  1. Hi Meg,
    I love your blog! My son will be in 4th grade in the fall. I was wondering if you could give any book recommendations. I want to keep him reading over the summer and he is a good reader but definitely doesn't love it. Any tips on what he should work on over summer to be ready for 4th grade?

    1. Hi Sherrie! Thanks so much for your kind words! I definitely think finding books he LOVES is the key to it all! Not knowing him at all or his reading ability, it's hard to make good book choices. The "Disaster Strikes" series has been popular with my new-to-fourth grade boys...as have the Shredderman books, Hank Zipzer books, "Winning Season" sports series...and so many more! Does he like to read WITH you? A favorite tip I give parents of students who don't LOVE to read is tag team reading....read a book together and trade off reading aloud whenever one person "tags" the other. It keeps it fun. As the summer goes on, maybe take turns with the book reading a chapter (you read it first, then pass it off to him) and then asking each other about the section--favorite part..."could you believe that..." or other reactions. Let me know if you find some great books this summer and how he does!