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It's quiet at my house.  Silent actually.  The four teenage boys that were here studying AP physics and arguing and laughing and eating are gone...even the cat is at rest.  That will change soon when they come back...I am well stocked with frozen pizza and snacks.

State testing is over and my students were rock stars!  I don't even care how they did because I know each one gave it their best and felt good about it.  That's all I care about, to be honest.

Someone brought a cake to school with the words, "29 more days!" on it.  GULP.  I have SO much to do!  Social issues book clubs....motion and design....Biz World...finish our informational projects...two math modules....NOT TO MENTION all our end of year assessments.  DOUBLE GULP.

My son is a junior an in the next two weeks he has 8 baseball games, 2 band concerts, 4 AP tests, and prom.  SO much pressure on these kids...I am just wanting him to keep perspective, focus, and a positive attitude--I just play to play cheerleader to try to help get him through it.

Because of everything listed about AND my final summative teacher evaluation conference coming up on Monday, I MUST get organized this weekend!  I have made my list and checked it twice--now I need to stick to it and get some things finished. I did make two decimal games last night, so my first two items (three, really--writing a blog post is on there!  Thanks, Farley!) can be checked off!

As for this summer...I am excited to get to go to Vegas to meet all these wonderful teacher/bloggers I "know" from the virtual world...and sandwiching that around college visits and baseball games--I am really hoping to move my body more and my mouth less this summer and try to take off some weight.  I know I would feel so much better if I did.  I just need to find something motivating and, with all the stress in life right now, that something seems to be Pringles.  Not good.  Have a great weekend, everyone!  


  1. I feel the same way about state testing as you do! I just want my students to feel that they tried their best! I always find comfort in knowing that they felt prepared while they were taking the test, too. I don't want them to feel uncomfortable! I am so glad it's over, also! Yay for May!

    Little Lovely Leaders

  2. Teenagers? I just want to tell all of the parents of young kids to save, save, save because they are going to need all of that money to feed their teenaged boys and girls. HaHa!

  3. Hope that you enjoy your summer and college visits with your son, it is a precious time. Have fun in VEGAS!

  4. I hope your son is able to shrug off all the pressure and do his best. I'm looking forward to meeting you in Vegas!

    Krazy Town

  5. I think it's amazing with all our year-end craziness, that we even found time to blog!! Lol ! Those Pringles are my favorite crunchy, salty snack, too but I can't buy it or will eat the entire canister. (Working on self-control here. . .) I can't wait to finally meet in Vegas!!!

  6. I hope to meet you in Vegas! I'm so excited, since it'll be my first time. Good luck with the end of the year craziness and doing well on your teacher evaluation! ;)
    Literacy Loving Gals