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As always, I love reading her post about what is going on in her life and classroom--and then sitting back and enjoying some of the great other linked up posts!  

Today I am now on Spring Break!  It is a much needed mental break...but man, I would like to find the person who created "Clash of Clans" and have them spend some time with my fourth graders--unsupervised!  GRRRR

As I think about the next few months of school, I know I need to set some organizational goals--both for my classroom, my files, my home, my EVERYTHING.  This is the time of year when I feel the wheels come off and I am riding downhill without any breaks.  Piles are everywhere and I feel scattered.  Not a fan of that AT. ALL.
I had to mention will power twice in my pathetic hope that speaking it (ok...typing it) more often will help it magically sleeping with a calculus book under your pillow before an exam.  Or was that M&M's...can't remember.

Finally--my name.  As long as I have been teaching, I have been a HUGE believer in constructivist learning...I have always wanted my students to be free to express themselves, to look at things differently, and to be willing to take creative risks.  When I decided to jump into this blogging thing, the concept of the "art" of teaching kept surfacing...and "The Teacher Studio" was born.  It's been a wild and crazy ride.  Thanks for stopping by...and make sure to click on Farley's logo above to see all the other great posts!  


  1. Enjoy your spring break!
    I am a super-organized person and I too this time of year begin to feel so unorganized. My classroom closet and cabinets look organized to others, but to me that just look like a hot mess! You aren't alone with that feeling. I just need a day in my room to take all the stuff out - trash stuff, and then put it all back in an organized fashion!

  2. I am also on spring break! Hopefully you are enjoying your time off! I have some organizing to do as well!
    Miss King's Enchanted Kingdom

  3. I had to Google Clash of Clans, LOL. I'm personally addicted to Candy Crush and Scramble Words on my cell.

    Enjoy your Spring Break!
    : ) Renee
    The Third Grade Learning Spot

  4. Enjoy Spring Break! I haven't had chocolate all Lent and LOVE cadbury easter eggs! Will power may be something I struggle with on Sunday!

    Happy Easter!
    Teaching Maths with Meaning