Spring Break...Do you--or don't you?

I was talking with some other teachers about "Spring Break"...this magical time that happens many weeks after winter break...and many weeks before summer vacation.  After listening to people from around the country, I realized that not EVERYONE even gets  a spring break.

I thought I'd ask the question... and see what people are doing this year.  I'd love for you to take the survey and share your thoughts!  I can't lie--I'm pretty excited to have a break--but I know I'll be cursing it when we are still in school in mid June when some others are already finished!

Want to put your "2 cents" in?  Just click the image below and take a few seconds to let me know your plans!

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  1. Very cool...will you be sharing your survey results?
    Soooooo looking forward to my spring break in just 9 days!!!