Spring Break Survey Results

The other day I just started wondering about how many teachers actually DO get a spring break...WHEN they have their break--and then how they are going to spend it!  I decided to take a little survey, and I thought you might like to see the results after the first 2 days!

I guess I wasn't too surprised by the results--but I did think more people would have break in April.  I also thought it would be interesting to see where people were replying from--looks like the midwest is SO looking forward to their break that they couldn't help but share!

I then left a blank spot for people to share any plans they might have...and there was a WHOLE range of plans--from not much at all to traveling the world.  Here are a few snippets taken from the comments section!

Hubby and I made a rag quilt for our bed and found out that Baby #2 is a girl! :)

Hanging with the family!

Nothing!!! Best plans ever.

Resting and reading by the pool at my neighbors' house. So excited!!

I'm going to Italy!

Hoping to relax but will probably work on misc. school projects.

I usually scrapbook, quilt, or work on other crafty projects to relax!

Spending time with my kiddos - and Brewers Opening Day! :)

It's interesting...even though I have never met any of you in "real life", the blogging world has enabled me to "meet" so many people...and I just love to hear about you, your classrooms, and exciting things in your lives!  Thanks for participating in my little survey--and if you DON'T get a spring break this year, I hope you find some way to rest and recharge so you can go in the trenches each day and do your best!  Didn't get a chance to take the survey?  Let me know in the comments what YOU are doing this spring to recharge!  Have a great day, everyone...

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