Setting the Tone for Math Workshop!

I am SO excited to be guest blogging over at The Cornerstone for Teachers...I know many of you have been asking for more and more and more about math workshop--so I have kicked off this series of posts with one about "Setting the Tone for Math Workshop".  I would love for you to stop by Angela's blog and check it out.  If you haven't visited her blog, you are definitely going to want to hang out for a while.  She has some GREAT content!  Just click the picture below to take you there!

But wait...before you do...

I would LOVE for you to chime in about what you would MOST like to see covered in some blog posts about math workshop!  Here are a few of my ideas--but would love to hear what YOU are looking for!

1.  How can I try something "math workshop-y" without revamping everything?

2.  How do I make groups?

3.  How do I make sure students are getting exactly what they need?

4.  What should students be working on?

5.  What do I do for my advanced students?

6.  "But I have to use my textbook...what do I do?" do these sound?  What other questions might you have?

OK...NOW you can click the picture to take you to my blog post about "WHY do math workshop--and how do I get my students ready for it?"

I'd love to hear your feedback!


  1. My school's math program is C.G.I. based and the majority of our learning is based on inquiry and our conversations include our understand of number sense and the explanation of 'why'. I am quite comfortable choosing number sets and differentiating sets but struggle still with the creation of problems that have depth. As problems need to be created to fit each class (rather than a published book with a one-fits-all) I would love some advice as to how you create problems/investigaitons.

  2. Just in time! Yay! The management of Math Workshop is something I struggle with! Will be starting out with brainstorming the Looks Like/Sounds Like chart on Monday!! Thanks, Meg!!!