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Bright Ideas! Math Game Organization

Today's "bright ideas" post is the result of me going CRAZY with all the math games I have been making for my students!  I have tried everything from boxes to bags...and I still have them all over my classroom.  I decided to keep using my gallon bags for games...but to streamline a bit.  I decided to keep 10 games in circulation at all times--and I wanted a way to store them so the students could find them and put them away...but a way for me to change one or more of them out whenever I want!

Here are a few pics to show you what I did!
I picked these labels up over the summer and wasn't sure where to use them.  I found their home!  

I used my 10 drawer file that has been sporadically used until now and stuck the wipe off labels on each one.  Did you know you can write on them with permanent marker--then use dry erase markers to color over the permanent marker when you want to change it?  That will keep your labels from wiping off.  I wrote the game name AND the focus skill.
I picked 10 games...a few review games, a few fluency games, and a few more "current" games.  Games I use for interventions are kept in a separate place.
The games I am not using?  In a big tub in a separate place!  I can change out one drawer at a time--or all 10 at once.  
Easy!  I love that my students can do a better job making "just right" choices by picking games that work on skills they need--and that games will get put away where they belong.  Everybody wins!

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  1. I so need that ten drawer file. I love how accessible it makes the games. And those labels, how have I not seen those before? They are genius!

    Quinnessential Lessons

  2. I usually look for your blog posts, but missed this one. Love the labels! I will be using for our math MTSS time to keep me more organized, and keep things accessible to my kiddos. Thanks for sharing the link on the TpT Chat!

    Teaching Tales Along the Yellow Brick Road


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