Monday Made It!

Once again it's time for...
It's been a little slim pickins' in the makin' department over the last month!  Most of my "made its" have turned into "eat its" over the holidays!  I have a few things to share out with you...but nothing I am too proud of!
First of all--from 4 batches of caramel corn to a few other pans of "goodies", I always like to try a new recipe or 5 over the holidays.  This year's winner?  UMMMM...listen to the ingredients.
1.  bacon
2.  tater tots
3.  cheese
4.  brown sugar
That's right.  I found the recipe for "Bacon Tator Tot Bombs" over at a new blog I found.  CLICK HERE for the recipe.  I only wish I had remembered to take photos--but the blog link has a mouth watering photo for you!
I have also been trying to "make it" more homemade...when my husband travels it's easy to go through the drive through.  Over the last weeks I have tried hard to "make" more meals.  Thank you, crock pot.  You have served me well.
A little roast beef to take the chill off!
Another thing I have been busy "making" is new bulletin board stuff!  All my units are turning over in the next few weeks so I am making, printing, repairing, and getting organized to update about 6 boards!  Here is the first one that is complete--and we are ready to start our book study of "Sarah Plain and Tall" to teach us how to have quality book discussions!
Eventually the board next to it will be filled with similes and illustrations of the text...we start on Thursday!

I made these to use to help us track our thinking through our historical fiction unit. We are going to "dig deep" to try to study characters, events, word choice, and theme.  These are our "reminders" and talking cues.
They are here for now...and soon will have post its and other notes added around them as we find cool stuff in our shared reading!

I was also busy over break making a bunch new resources.  If you haven't stopped by the shop lately, just click on my store and sort by "Most Recently Added"!  You will find some new literacy task cards, dollar deals, concept sorts and more!  My students have been begging for their next open ended challenge and it's here--but they can't do it yet!  It's a Valentine's Day challenge!  Here it is if you want a sneak peek.

I hope next month I will have actually done something CREATIVE for a change...I am itchin' to get a little crafty!  Have a wonderful rest of your week.  Make sure to click the logo at the top of the post or HERE to go to 4th Grade Frolics to check out all the other great "made it" posts!

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