Birthday Surprise!

Yep.  Mine.  

Not a huge fan.

Not because I am getting older (though HOLY smokes am I!)...but because it just brings up lots of memories of past disappointments.  Might seem weird.  I used to get SO excited for my birthday--I mean, who doesn't want to feel a little special...get a little attention...get some new stuff.  I can STILL remember a few gifts I got as a child and when I got them.  The set of smelly markers from Ann at my eighth birthday.  The cool dog garbage can from Heidi that same year...

And then I remembered.  I think that might have been my only party as a child.  We just didn't "do" birthday parties that much.  It wasn't like my friends were having them and I didn't...we just rarely did it--but 37 years later I still remember that day.

So I think maybe every year I still think "Maybe this year something really cool will happen!" and guess what.  It never does.  My family may or may not remember.  If I want a new gift, I probably need to buy it myself.  My mom will call--maybe a sibling or two.  It just isn't super valued in my family or my husband's family.  I've had to deal with it.

But why am I whining about this to you?  I guess because of this...

Birthdays might not be so great for some of our students either.  They come to school and hear about their friends getting new TV's for their room or going to overnights at hotels--and they may go home and have very very little.

So--make sure you try to connect with your birthday kiddos somehow.  A birthday pencil.  A treat.  But most of all--let them know you care about them and celebrate them.  I've even told students in the past about my kind of lackluster life of birthdays when I know they are going home to not much.  I work in a school where we are very much the "haves" and the "have nots", so this is an issue we face quite a bit.  Christmas.  Vacations.  Technology.  Some students have these things surrounding them all day every day--but they remain out of their reach.  

Ok.  Enough whining.  What a depressing post!  I just woke up this morning kind of I do many birthday mornings.  I have learned over the last 45 years how to make my own happiness on this day...I treat myself to something or I do something kind for someone else.  Since starting this little blogging thing, I try to share with you guys too!  I decided to throw a little birthday sale today, so if you are interested in anything, today might be your day to check it out!  

Have a WONDERFUL day...I'm going to go take some doughnuts and juice to my 24 little critters today and reflect on how stinkin' lucky I am to do what I do.


  1. Happy birthday, Meg! I used to play the Beatles birthday song for the birthday kiddo as everyone came into the room. They loved it. And, I Love celebrating birthdays! In fact, I declare pretty much then entire month of December my "birthday season" right up to Christmas. Because it's your special day, I'd like to give you a gift. Please go to my store (my name is my store name) and pick out any resource you'd like, leave your email in my Q&A and I'll send it to you. Have a lovely day!

    Da da da da da da. Da da. They say it's your birthday! (you'll have to provide the melody. :) )
    Pam =)

    1. OOOH...I got sung to TWICE today! Thanks, Pamela!

  2. Happy Birthday! May many blessings come your way!

  3. Happy birthday, Meg. Your followers appreciate you!

  4. Oh, that was depressing. 😓 Do you have an address I can send you a belated birthday gift? Everyone should celebrate the day God decided to create "you", no matter how small a celebration. Happy Birthday! I hope someone will celebrate you.

    1. Thanks, Mary! I really TRIED to make it LESS depressing...but I was really struggling with words. I just know birthdays are tough for some kiddos...and they are usually pretty tough for me. Luckily, I work with AMAZING people who made me feel special today. :)

  5. Your post really hit home for me. I feel the same way on my birthday! I think it's because I had a summer birthday, and no one was ever around. My family did celebrate, but I never got to have those awesome kid parties b/c everyone was always at camp or on vacation. I always feel let down on my birthday, to this day. Not sure why, but I do understand how you feel. I hope you ended up having a great day!

  6. We're part of the "oh well, it's a birthday" crowd as well. I had my last party when I was 12 and was everlastingly grateful that it was all over :) My sister continued to have parties and my daughter has always been a party fan but for my husband and I - we forget them all the time. This year is a biggie for me so I have decided to totally gratify my daughter and go all out for it - she benefits tremendously since she'll be involved in all my gifts to myself and the family (I like to give the gifts not get them :) ) so she's being a real cheerleader about it. I have to say I've always done birthday stuff for my class until this year - which has been so messed up I didn't get organized - but I've been doing year group "surprises" in lieu (sort of "unbirthday" days) Yesterday we had cookies while we did our project work in the afternoon; another day I'll set up a language tea party - they never know when it will happen :) You do something special just for YOU, Meg!! You deserve it. I recommend a trip to Bermuda to see a friend, stay a few days and bond, and we'll go for afternoon tea at my favorite place. When are you coming?!!!!

  7. I hate my birthday for pretty much the exact same reasons. There's so much pressure to for a birthday to be nonstop wonderful, filled with well-wishes and joy and fun....yeah, not so much. I had some fun birthdays as a kid, but because my dad's birthday is 5 days before mine, my family always celebrated them together. As a kid, you don't wanna share your birthday at all, much less with your DAD! Then there's the added component that my birthday is Sept. 9. If you're a teacher, that the WORST time of the year to have a's usually during the first week of school, when everyone is so busy with their new class, well, you know what that 1st week is like. And chances are, most of your friends are teachers, so they don't have the time to make your birthday very special for you, if they even remember at all. Several time, the first day of school has BEEN my birthday. Ugh! "Hi, I'm your new teacher. Today is my birthday." It's so bizarre. I've learned to just be disappointed and not expect much, which stinks because I think everyone should be treated like a queen on their day. As sad as this post kinda made me, it pointed pout two things:
    1) I'm not the only one in the world who, consistently, doesn't have the greatest birthdays.
    2) You're so right about making the kids feel special on their birthday. Our students are very spoiled and are definitely the "haves" of this world. But, if I want people to make a big deal over my bday, I need to do the same. I've always done a little sumthin', but I never really say much. Maybe I should...
    With all this said, I wish a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! And if I knew you, I'd take you out to lunch today to make sure you were treated like a queen today. ; )
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  8. Happy birthday Meg! May it be your best year yet..filled with all the love, laughter, and happiness that your heart can hold.