Stop by "Upper Elementary Snapshots"!

If you haven't been following along, my collaborative blog, Upper Elementary Snapshots is doing a totally fun set of giveaways this month.  Each day for 12 days, one blogger is giving away an item for FREE!  It's only free for that one day, so you need to stop back often!

Today is MY day to give away a resource, so stop by...just click our logo below to check it out!  Have a wonderful day!

Want a hint?

Be sure to watch for some upcoming blog posts....with a new product I tried in my classroom, with an update about my formal observation, musings about fractions, and more!


  1. This product looks awesome!! My computer is acting wonky though, and I cannot access the file through the link. If you are able to, can you email me this file? Thanks, and happy holidays!

  2. I've missed some of the UES giveaways, but I made sure to nab this one--I love the thought you put into your resources. Thank you for sharing!