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Note:  Use this image to help you "hop" around. The advent calendar has a link to each day of the month HOWEVER, just like a real advent calendar, the posts do not "unlock" until 9 pm EST  the night before the calendar date.

I am so excited to once again be linking up with some amazing math bloggers for a month of holiday math "hopping"!  We are excited about this collaboration because each day you can read a new post with great tips and a special gift!  Make sure to tune in every day to read each post and collect some great freebie "gifts"!

We all know how crazy the holidays are at home.  During this time of year, I really reduce the amount of work I give students to do at home to try to help ease that stress.  One thing I do like to do is encourage students to continue reading.  Consider a fun class reading incentive where for every 50 pages they read (or any other number you choose), students get to add a link to a holiday chain to decorate your classroom!  You could do the same for every 10 minutes of fact practice--or anything!  It's motivating, fun, and an easy to way to make holiday homework a little more exciting.  I have strung these links above our lockers as a decoration--and motivation!

Want to find a way to make sure students stay engaged during these last weeks before winter break?  Know that students' attention spans are shorter and plan for it!  I purposefully break my math lesson into multiple smaller lessons and work in game time to keep them busy, active, and still learning!  Try teaching students a new game every few days and build in a little game time every day!  Want a great, differentiated winter game?  Click below for this freebie gift!
Thanks so much for stopping by today!  Be sure to come back every day in December to read each blog post.  By clicking on the header above, you will return to the starting point of our blog hop.  Tomorrow,  The Math Spot will provide you with some great holiday tips and a special gift.

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  1. I love the idea of providing an incentive for homework this time of year! What a fun way to encourage kids to keep reading/doing math.

    The Math Maniac