Currently November!

It's another "Currently" with Farley...and, as always, I just love reading these posts--especially hers!  She has SUCH a way with words and I am in LOVE with her son!  Please take the time to stop by and read her post and the many who link up!

Listening:  To my son and his friends talking smart...which is all that is keeping him happy these days after his second major surgery in 16 months--both sports injuries.  Poor kid...glad he has such good friends.

Loving:  The timing of my four day weekend.  I needed it to take care of him AND to just catch my breath!  Back to the trenches Monday...but this little break came at a good time!

Thinking:  The that icy weather and my compulsive buying tendencies led to a HUGE amount of calories sitting on my counter.  Many of them are in my stomach as we speak.  Not good.

Wanting:  To either extend my day or let myself slow down.  I keep trying to do it all...but there are limits to my day!

Needing:  No. More. Injuries.  Seriously...watching this kid suffer and miss sports just makes my heart ache.

Reading:  "The Willoughby's".  Have you seen it?  It is a hilarious book by Lois Lowry...totally different than her other work.  It is filled with cool vocabulary and is a "spoof" on old fashioned stories.  It's so absurd...and the kids love it!

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  1. I LOVE four day weekends! We *kind of* have one next week-we'll do Parent Conferences on the 10th-no kids, and then have Veteran's Day off-so it will be a nice mini-vacation! I hope your son feels better soon and stops getting injured!

    :) Kaitlyn
    Smiles and Sunshine

  2. I hope you enjoy your long weekend Meg! I haven't heard of the Willoughbys but I'll have to add it to the massive 'to-read' list. Hope your son is feeling better soon,
    Books, Bugs and Boxes

  3. I hope your son remains injury-free from now on! Which sport is next up for him- does he play any winter sports? The candy sitting around has been my nemesis, too...

  4. Oh sorry to read about your son, hope he's ok. x

    And I agree about the need for more time. Hasn't anyone invented that time machine yet?!

  5. 4 day weekends are the perfect way to relax! Sometimes I feel like 4 day weekends are more relaxing than a week off!

    The Math Maniac