Holy Great "Biz" Opportunity!

For those of you who have been following me for quite some time, you know that every spring I use a MOST AMAZING resource...a "real world" business simulation called "Biz World".  I happened across it a few years ago when a fellow teacher clued me in and I thought it might be a nice tie to our fourth grade curriculum.

By the second day--I was hooked.  I mean--REALLY hooked.  More importantly, my students were hooked too.  The gist of the program is simple; student learn the basics of starting and running a business--from job qualifications to interviewing to working as teams to marketing...the lessons are amazing.  As the unit progresses, students form "companies" which work to create a friendship bracelet company from the ground up.  They create business names, meet with a venture capitalist (ME!), sell shares of their company to get capital for supplies, they design marketing, they manufacture, and--at the end--they sell the bracelets they have made.  It's math.  It's literacy.  It's economics.  It's amazing.  Sound like it's a high school class?  Believe me...my fourth graders not only handled it, they THRIVED with it.

I have linked to several posts from the last few years in case you want to learn more!

Why am I telling you this when I'm not teaching the unit until spring?  Let me tell you!!!

BizWorld has graciously offered to give away a FULL KIT of BizWorld or BizMovie (also looks amazing!) to one of my readers!  That's you!  Here's the deal...

To win, I am asking that you only enter if you can truly commit to teaching the unit.  You will really need 3-4 weeks to do the kit justice.  If you aren't sure you can do it, leave this one for someone else.  It' would be devastating to let a great resource like this sit on a shelf!

So how do you win?  See the details below:

Special giveaway ONLY for readers of The Teacher Studio

Dates: Sunday, October 5th - Friday, October 17th

Prize: BizWorld program (value $250) or BizMovie program (value $300)

What do I need to do?  Enter at this link by telling us a little about yourself and why you want to bring BizWorld or BizMovie to YOUR classroom.
Winner(s) will be announced here and on the BizWorld blog when the giveaway is over!

So what do you think?  Interested?  Make sure to click this link to enter.  I am so excited to offer this amazing opportunity for one of you!

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