Exciting News! A Brand New Blog!

What's this?  

That's right!  There's a new Upper Elementary blog in town--and I am collaborating with 11 other top elementary teachers to bring it to you!  This blog will be filled with exciting teaching ideas, posts, freebies, and more--all geared toward making your upper elementary classroom the best it can be.

Want to check it out?  Click the logo above or the links below to...
...Get to know all twelve of us!
...Check out our freebie page to find some resources to use in your classroom!
...Follow our Pinterest board and Facebook page to see more daily snapshots--and watch for posts several times a week--the first two are already up for you to check out!

To celebrate our grand "reveal", we have a little something special for you...so make sure to enter our first giveaway for the opportunity to win oodles of useful upper elementary resources!  Make sure to follow us to keep up to date on all the fun.


  1. I live in Northern Ontario Canada. I teach a Gr. 5/6 split class. :) Exciting about the new blog!

  2. I just moved to 4th grade. I'm so thankful for the great ideas!

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  4. I teach 4th grade in Stuart, Florida. I'm so excited for more upper elementary ideas! Thanks :-)

  5. I have a grade 4/5 class in Northern Ontario. Nice to see more for us.

  6. Meg, I have been following your blog for some time now and I LOVE reading your posts. I am super excited about the new collaborative blog! I teach 4 grade in southern Maine.

    Lessons in the Sand

  7. Woot Woot!! Exciting ladies!!! I am looking forward to your collaboration!! Just started my 16th year in 5th grade in CALIFORNIA!!


  8. Is the All Things Upper Elementary blog still up and running or does this new blog replace that one?

    1. That blog is no longer running. This is with a new group of bloggers.

    2. Thanks! There was never anything that said it was over, it just stopped being updated so it was weird. At first I thought everybody was just busy in late spring and early fall with all the end of school/back to school craziness. I'm checking out the new blog now and am looking forward to future entries!