Monday Made It: Clip art? Really?

It's already Monday and it's time to link up with Tara at...

This week is a VERY different MMI than in the past...well--let's be honest.  There is ONE thing that's consistent.
Yeah.  I baked something. Ate most of it.  Not proud.
...moving on

I am super proud of this "made it"--even though it isn't perfect.  I am trying to learn to use my Art Studio app to make some of my own clip art.  In this case I needed something I just couldn't find by any "real" clip artists so I decided to give it a try.  I am REALLY struggling with the idea of "layers" so my next project is to hunt for some good tutorials.  I kind of like my little buddies--and I did get what I needed for my little project (watch for that one coming up in a "Bright Ideas" post later this month!)

One of my HUGE accomplishments this week was to finish my "Classroom Talk" resource, print it, laminate it, and cut it apart.  You know how tedious THAT can be--but I am thrilled to have it finished and can't wait to get using it...starting the first week of school!

Not sure what this resource is?  CHECK IT OUT!  I'm really excited about all the different uses for it.

I also finished a few other resources just in time for the big sale!  Don't forget to use the sale code "BTS14" if you go shopping today and tomorrow!

Hope everyone has a great week and thanks for stopping by!  Make sure to check out all the other great posts at 4th Grade Frolics...just click RIGHT HERE to see more!

Finally...tomorrow is the first of three Tuesdays in August focusing on the book "Building Mathematical Comprehension" by Laney Sammons--the guided math guru!  I LOVE this book and think it's the perfect book to reread before school starts to really get me in the mindset of getting students thinking mathematically.  Interested in following along?  Here is a link to the book--and I will post about the few few chapters tomorrow.  Feel free to stop by and chime in--even if you have NOT read it!


  1. I love your Classroom Talk product! I was thinking of ways I could use it in my 7th Grade ELA class - maybe for quick writes for early finishers, or a getting to know you activity!

  2. I love the classroom talk too! Perfect for social skills, writing, and community building!