How much is HALF a million?'s time for a little fun!  I started this little blogging adventure less than two years ago and a few weeks ago I crossed  little milestone--a half million page views!  Holy COW!  To celebrate, I have invited 20 blogging friends to share some of THEIR favorite blog posts with all of us--and to donate $10 worth of products from their stores for a giveaway!  Each day this week I will focus on 5 blog posts that are full of great content--one from me and 4 from my illustrious guests.  The giveaway posted each day will feature $10 of prizes that YOU CHOOSE from each of the featured bloggers plus $10 from my store for $50 worth of prizes each day. 

So...starting tomorrow--tune in EACH day Monday through Friday to read some outstanding blog posts--and enter for your chance to win some great shopping experiences!  See you tomorrow!

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