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Half Million Views: A Sale, a Celebration of Blogging, and a Giveaway Day 3

Been following along?  Then you know that this celebration of blogging has been FANTASTIC!  I hope you are all really enjoying the great blog posts...and the chance to win some great stuff!  As you know, today is ALSO a special, surprise one day sale at TpT so I'm going to sweeten the pot a little on today's giveaway! Read on to find out more...

It's DAY 3 of my celebration of blogging, so I have invited 20 blogging friends to share some of their favorite blog posts with all of us!  Each day this week I will focus on 5 blog posts that are full of great content--one from me and 4 from my illustrious guests!  The giveaway posted each day will feature $10 of prizes that YOU CHOOSE from each of the featured blogger plus $10 from my store for $50 worth of prizes each day!  But WAIT!  Today is an extra special day...because it's the TpT bonus sale day...so today's raffle is even bigger!  See below for more details...and then scroll down and click on each bloggers logo to take you right to the post they have chosen to share.  ENJOY!

Let's get started!  Heard of the game "Scoot"?  Check out Laura Candler's post putting a new spin on the game...and I think you'll love the possibilities!
Looking to see a great anchor chart and a post that shows all about proficiency levels?  This post by Deb at Crafting Connections will get you thinking!
My friend Lynn has the most creative ideas EVER...her students just immerse themselves in their learning--and this post from her blog showcases an amazing display she created to encourage reading in her class.  I LOVE it!
Looking for some ways to keep reading fresh in YOUR classroom?  Here are 5 ideas from "Creativity in the Common Core Classroom"!  Check it out--see what you think!
This is SUCH a timely post from my friend Sidney from "Teaching is a Gift".  As the mom of a truly gifted child, I remember the teachers early on saying "Lots of parents think their kids are gifted."  They were right...and THIS post is a great "go to" guide to help teachers know the difference--and how to help communicate with parents.  

I'm having SUCH a hard time picking my favorite blog posts...so I decided to flash back to one of my favorite fraction posts from the past...because I LOVE finding math activities that get my students talking!
This was one of my "Bright Ideas" posts called "Pocket Chart Problem Solving".  For those of you who "know" me, you will know I am trying to do ANYTHING possible to get more math problems into students' hands.  Check out this easy way to do just that!

Ready to go do some reading?  Ready to win $50 to spend?  Enter the rafflecopter below.  BUT WAIT!  In honor of the big sale, I'm adding to the prize today!  In addition to the $50 of "shopping", today there is a BONUS prize for those of you interested in entering. This one is a back to school "care package" with a value of more than $50.  I won't tell ALL that is included...but there is a great autism awareness book bag/math game bag from a new seller...a $25 Barnes and Noble card, a pair of math earrings from Miss Math Dork--and MORE!

Click here to see more in the "Classy Seaming" Etsy store!
This bag...plus $25 at Barnes and Noble plus earrings plus MORE?!?!  Enter below!
 Both raffles will be open for 3 days--so make sure to stop by EVERY day this week for more great posts and giveaways!  By Friday, you will have $300 worth of prizes that you have a chance to win!  ALL WINNERS will be announced on Monday.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Don't forget the sale is TODAY only...and use the code "BOOST" to get your extra discount!


  1. Great ideas today. Team Scoot from Laura Candler and the fun reading ideas from Creativity in the Common Core Classroom (I'm buying mini flashlights tomorrow) are two of them. Thank you for introducing me to Teaching is a Gift blog. I can't wait to spend some time reading past posts.

  2. I absolutely Love Scoot and use the game all the time with my task cards. It is a great way for kids to practice concepts in a fun way!

  3. I love the idea of flashlight reading from Creativity in the Common Core Classroom. Great idea!

  4. Thanks for reposting some of these great ideas! :) And for the reminder about the TpT sale today! Congratulations on the BIG milestone!

  5. Love the Scoot game. Now to go to the TpT sale and get some fresh task cards to use it with :D

  6. I learned more about Scoot. I keep seeing it but didn't really know what it was. Fun!

  7. Great idea with fractions, your work is becoming regular features in my maths classes and children love them.

  8. Loved reading up on Scoot! My kids love these activities.

  9. I love how Creativity to the Core has the kids read with flashlights! I bet the kids love that.

  10. Thanks for the link to Laura's Team Scoot. I'll be using this very soon! Congrats on your milestone, too!

  11. Love Laura Candler and her ideas---have used Scoot before but it was a great reminder to add to my first days' plans!

  12. I love your fractions post! So many opportunities for accountable talk. Also, I think the distinction between "Do you understand his/her point?" and "Do you agree with his/her point?" is a VERY important one. Can't wait to do activities like this one!


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