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Half Million Views: A Celebration of Blogging and Giveaway Day 4

It's day 4 of my celebration of blogging, and if you missed the start of the week, here are the details!  I have invited 20 blogging friends to share some of their favorite blog posts with all of us!  Each day this week I will focus on 5 blog posts that are full of great content--one from me and 4 from my illustrious guests!  The giveaway posted each day will feature $10 of prizes that YOU CHOOSE from each of the featured blogger plus $10 from my store for $50 worth of prizes each day!  Ready to see what content is waiting for you today?  Just scroll down and click on each bloggers logo to take you right to the post they have chosen to share.  ENJOY!

OK...you've all heard the term "close reads"--but this post by 2 Brainy Apples will give you the low down on how to get started.  This is a MUST READ post! 
 The first time I saw this post, my breath was taken away...I am just in AWE of Amy's organization.  You are going to want to check out the explanation of her binder system!
 Ever hear of "reverse poetry"?  You are NOT going to want to miss this amazing post--what a great literacy/technology "experience" for intermediate students!
 Looking for a few new tools in your "keep them engaged" toolbox?  Miss Math Dork has some for you complete with great photos to show exactly how they are done.  Check it out!

...and now MY fourth of 5 featured blog posts!

This was one of my math posts focusing on perseverance--and how to give students some tools to help them tackle tricky math challenges they encounter.

Ready to go do some reading?  Ready to win $50 to spend?  Enter the rafflecopter below.  This raffle will be open for 3 days--so make sure to stop by EVERY day this week for more great posts and giveaways!  By Friday, you will have $300 worth of prizes that you have a chance to win!  ALL WINNERS will be announced on Monday!

And today's 1/2 price deal?  How about THIS one?  A HUGE savings!



  1. Loved reading Miss Math Dork's blog on fun group activities that can be done to keep students engaged. :)

  2. Great posts. I was most inspired on the binder organization. Thanks!

  3. Love binder organisation but don't think I could manage it. Found Close reading really useful as am about to start this year.

  4. I was excited to learn about Amy's binder organization!

  5. I love using binders for organization, too--but Amy's system is amazing! I'm inspired!

  6. Amy's binders are WOW! I don't know if I can rise to that level, but I am sure going to use some of it to refine my method.

  7. 2 Brainy Apples posts are a great introduction and walk through of Close Reading. I already have the reverse poetry from Runde's Room and your post on perseverance pinned to use and model for this coming school year! Thanks for another group of fabulous post:)

  8. Reverse poetry looks like something my grade five gifted students would like to try. I had read Jen Runde's post before, but it was nice to read it again and remind myself that this is something I would like to try in my classroom this year!

  9. Just wanted to let you know that I value your blog a great deal! I have been so impressed with your ideas and I especially love that you teach in Wisconsin!!! We Wisconsin teachers ROCK!

  10. Oh my goodness I love Jamie's games for engagement. I have to remember these!!!

  11. Loved the binder system trying to become more organized.

  12. Going to try the reverse poetry this year with my fifth graders.

  13. I love your perseverance post! I actually own that wonderful creation and am excited to see my students persevere this year :)

  14. I LOVE the reverse poetry from Runde's Room. She's sooo awesome!

  15. love the reverse poetry from Runde! What a great idea!

  16. The reverse poetry is very powerful! What a great concept!


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