Texts on Tuesdays...an August book study!

Just a quick blog post today to make sure people know about my upcoming book study for the first three weeks of August!

Many of you are familiar with the work of Laney Sammons and her great book on guided math.  I am excited to share with you her more recent book about teaching comprehension in math class.

I am on my second time reading the book, and am getting even more information out of it this time!  If you are a fan of teaching reading strategies, you will be a fan of this book. It helps make the connection between what we know to be true about good literacy instruction and what we need to be doing in our math class.  See if THIS page doesn't intrigue you!

If you are interested in joining me on a three-part study of this book, get your copy out of your closet or get your hands on a copy so we can begin next week!  

The schedule will be as follows…

Tuesday, August 5:  Discuss chapters 1-3
Tuesday, August 12:  Discuss chapters 4-6
Tuesday, August 19:  Discuss "A ha's" from the remaining chapters

Anyone else in?  I chose this book right before school starts because I really want to continue to push my thinking about what math instruction looks like--and this book can do that!

Not sure?  Here is a link to the book so you can read more.

Remember, you can follow along even if you don't have the book!  Hope to have some of you chiming in with your thoughts and ideas over the next few weeks!  Have a great day, everyone.


  1. Just ordered my book. I have not read anything professional literature this summer. Thanks for getting me motivated!!!

  2. Love the idea of using literacy strategies for comprehending math!! Makes sense! I'm in; just ordered my book!! Thanks!

  3. I'm in! I will be ordering my copy shortly!

  4. The book's off the shelf and beside my bed. It's my first time in a book study and I'm quite excited. Hoping to have a really good discussion and share some ideas and thoughts.

  5. Such a wonderful text! I have read it as well, but I will be following along with you... :0)