Texts on Tuesdays: How do we make time for professional reading?

Greetings!  Today rather than focusing on a specific text, I have a question for you.  As we move back into even busier lives once school begins, how do we find the time to keep up with all the professional reading?  I LITERALLY have 5 cupboards full of amazing professional books!  I admit that I have a bit of a problem...but there is SO MUCH TO LEARN!

My most recent conquest!  Check OUT those post it flags!

So...with professional books being released faster than ever...and with professional journal (Ed Leadership, Teaching Children Mathematics, etc) articles being at the cutting edge...and now with Twitter feeds of resources--HOW can we prioritize our own professional reading?  We could read 24/7 and still never keep caught up, yet we know we need to do our best to tune into the research and best practices.  

I have REALLY started to use Twitter to keep up on current trends.  I follow my favorite authors plus a few other key sources like Edutopia, ASCD, and The Teaching Channel.

I am going to try to set a goal of 15-20 minutes of professional reading per day this fall...whether it be checking articles on Twitter or reading from my stash of books.  What are your thoughts?  What are your professional reading habits and goals?

Not on Twitter yet? Give it a try!  I try to retweet interesting articles and infographics when I find them so feel free to follow me to catch some of what I find.  Twitter chats are another GREAT way to learn new information.  So...let's hear it!  Talk about your professional learning goals for 2014-2015!  Share titles, websites, people to follow on Twitter--or anything that could help all of us continue to learn and grow!


  1. To be perfectly honest, I find it very hard to read professionally during the school year. Several bloggers hosted awesome Book Studies that started in May or June. My school went until the last Friday in June and it was just too busy to keep up. I enjoyed reading the posts but hadn't read the chapters yet. Then in the summer, I read like crazy the pile I have accumulated during the year. I also fit one in at Christmas and March Break. Notice and Note is next on my list. I just finished Falling in Love with Close Reading. Maybe I should try to go with the 15 minutes a night suggestion too...
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  2. I have had such a hard time keeping up. I have read multiple blog posts and even went so far as to buy many of the books others have posted about. I have started reading several this summer, but am having a hard time keeping focused. I still have plans to read many of the books I have before school starts.

    I too need to set myself a reachable, realistic goal. I think that 15 minutes a day is a great idea. I am glad to hear how others are making the time for professional reading.

  3. I have a difficult time keeping up with my Twitter feed because of all the wonderful articles that are posted. I stayed away from Twitter until I realized what a great PLN it can is. I like your goal!
    Simply 2nd Resources

  4. I just joined Twitter solely to use as a PLN and I like it so far. I've read the most professional books this summer since grad school and it's been nice. I have a couple more books that I would like to read, along with some fun books, so my goal is to carve out reading time each day.

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