Bright Ideas! Line orders and Lockers

This month I am again joining up with our fearless "Bright Ideas" link up crew to bring you a simple yet useful back to school tip or two!

First of all, one thing I started a few years ago was "line order".  By having a set order, there is no pushing, racing, or shoving to get in line.  We practice doing it quickly and silently for the first days of school, and the expectations is that they do this for all line ups--with the exception of emergencies!  The first person in line holds the first door we come to and then goes to the end of the line, and so on.  We keep our line order all week and then our leader moves to the back and the next person in line leads for the next week so we never have the same door holder all the time.  It's a quick way to know if someone is missing from line and a way to "keep calm" and move around the school!  I try to alternate boy/girl as much as possible to avoid "herds" and "clumps"--if you know what I mean!

The second "tip" involves assigning lockers/cubbies.  If you are lucky enough to have a few extra lockers, try skipping a locker every 5-6.  I use these empties to store tissues, wet wipes, and so on--and the MAIN reason I do it is so that if I get a new student on day 3 or day 15 or day 47, I can use one of these lockers for the new student.  So often, the new student gets plunked wayyyyy at the end and misses some of the interactions that happen "in the pack".  I also try to put any students who I feel I might need to check in on as close to the door as possible...I really work to great each and every student as they come in, but by having them closer to me, I can watch for sad faces and listen a little more easily.
Here are the signs I made for this year...I changed the names for display purposes.  How CUTE is that clip art by Scrappin' Doodles?
Each year I hang our locker order RIGHT by our door so it is clear as can be...and our locker assignments hang right next to our lockers.  In grades K-3, the students have a name tag right on their lockers, but in 4th we transition them a bit for intermediate school by having them recognize their locker by number.
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  1. We do a line order and then I do my line leader by moving a paperclip down the list. =) That person comes to the front. =) Makes it so easy and simple and eliminates the running to the door! Hate that!

    Great idea for sure!
    Simply Kinder

  2. Love this idea. This past year I had several stragglers at the end of my line. I think this would be just the thing to cure that.

    Quinnessential Lessons

  3. Do you have a link (free or paid) for your line order template? I would absolutely LOVE a copy =).