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Happy Tuesday, everyone!  It's another week of "Texts on Tuesdays"!

Today's "Texts on Tuesdays" is a two parter...first of all, my bloggy friend Jennifer Findley Williams is hosting today's Good Questions for Math Teaching book study.  Click HERE or on the image below to see what she has to say about improving how we ask questions when dealing with measurement topics! Never know if another freebie might be in store for you!  If you missed my post 2 weeks ago, click HERE to read it and grab the freebie!

The book I am digging into this week is "Practical Punctuation" by Dan Feigelson and I ABsolutely love it.  It TOTALLY embraces what I believe to be true about how students construct meaning about anything...they need to understand the purpose...see examples...see modeling...try it...experiment with it.  I am really excited to plan punctuation "boot camps" next year as a supplement to my writing instruction.  I am going to try to do two per quarter to front load my units.  I'm going to start the year with a boot camp on "end punctuation" and then mid quarter do one on "capitalization".  I am hoping that these intensive but constructivist mini units will really see how they, as writers, have thoughtful decisions to make as they write.

This book really does a wonderful job of laying out the process and how it ties beautifully to reader's and writer's workshop--and can easily be used no matter what "program" or curriculum you use.  I dabbled with it last year but this year I am going to go into the year ready and rarin' to go!  I'll blog more about my yearly plan later this summer...but right now I am focusing on how I'm going to start the year with this end punctuation boot camp!
These will be the four foundation concepts I stress early in the year...but I will spend the first bootcamp focusing on how writers END their sentences.
I definitely give it a thumbs up...it is literally a set of lesson plans that are ready to use immediately in your classroom.  I put the link below if you want to peek inside it!
Thanks for joining me on "Texts for Tuesdays"!  Don't forget to scroll down to yesterday's "Monday Made It" if you missed it!  

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