Monday Made It: Organization and Inspiration!

It's "Monday Made It" again and I have just a few little projects to share!  It was a busy busy week at school, so I am just SO thankful to be finished!  I am exhausted!  Thanks to Fourth Grade Frolics, as always, for the link up! get things started, even though I really haven't had time to decompress about THIS school year, I thought I better get a system in place for all the amazing ideas I find this summer!
I decided to dedicate a binder solely for the purpose of keeping all my back to school stuff in one place.  I had to "cute it up" a little, of course. 

The cover
The section dividers--for now.  I'm sure I will be adding more as the summer unfolds!

OK...on to the more "crafty"  project--although it was really a simple one.  I have a plaque hanging in my classroom that is very meaningful to me...and I considered bringing it home to inspire me in my home office.  Instead, I decided to "cheap out" and just make a quick version of it!  Thanks, Powerpoint, laser printer, and a clearance frame!

Although I haven't had too much time to get some of my TpT rolling, I did make a new set of kid friendly "Standards for Mathematical Practice" posters in fun lime green designs...

and I updated my "Getting Ready for Reading" resource by adding in several more class recording sheets and response prompts.  If you already own this, make sure to go re-upload with the additional pages!  

That's all for this week of Monday Made It...hoping for something more dramatic next week--but we shall see! Make sure to check out all the other great ideas linked up--and stop back on Tuesday for "Texts on Tuesdays" where I am posting about my section of "Notice and Note"!

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  1. I started a back to school binder last year and wouldn't you know...I packed it in the closet behind a bunch of STUFF and was too lazy to get to it before checking out for the summer. Your quote turned out perfect in the frame!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'