Math is Real Life: Muffin Madness

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So (shockingly) I have decided to write about a TERRIBLE problem I had this weekend when attempting to make banana pecan muffins for my dear son.  I dug into my cookbooks and looked for recipes and found only banana bread recipes.
No big deal.

I mixed up the batter and checked the recipe for the end where it ALWAYS tells you how to accommodate for muffins (you know...fill muffin tins 1/2 full...or 2/3 full...and bake at ???? for ???? minutes).  Well, guess what.  Nothing.  So I sat with a bowl full of batter--enough to make 2 loaves of bread and NO idea how many muffins I could make.

So...I start collecting my options.
Max immediately informed me that bread wasn't an option.  It doesn't transport well to school and baseball practice.  Sigh.  I pointed out that making the loaf would be easiest for me.  He shrugged and looked pathetic enough that I forged ahead.

So I checked out the "jumbo" muffin pan (only have 1) and the standard muffin pan (have 2) and the mini muffins (which Max immediately ruled out) and started to estimate about how many jumbo muffins (his preference) I would get if I filled them half way full of batter.  I estimated that each one would probably need about 1/2 cup of batter--maybe even 2/3...and then I studied the bowl.  I realized I really had NO clue how many cups of batter were in my bowl.

It was at this point that I realize that I was making this WAY too difficult.  I started filling my jumbo pan up until I had all six slots filled...then began filling the regular muffin pan until I had no more room.  I know...should have been obvious, right?

So here's my question...if the full recipe claims that it makes 24 slices of bread at 85 calories each, APPROXIMATELY how many calories would each size muffin have if I made 6 jumbo muffins and 10 regular muffin slots?  I could estimate that the jumbo muffins took approximately twice as much batter as the regular ones!  I can't wait to see if my students can give me a reasonable estimate!

(I think the real answer is probably 
"More than I should be eating...")

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