Monday Made It and More!

It's one of my favorite linky's---"MONDAY MADE IT" with 4th Grade Frolics!  As always, thanks to Tara for organizing and supporting such a great link up.  Make sure to visit lots of the blogs who have hooked up this month to see what they have to offer!

This week I have all sorts of little projects to share with you...none are cute and adorable but hopefully will be useful to me down the road!

First of all, lately all I seem to do is make to do list after to do list.  I decided to make some lists that would be motivational as well as organizational--so I made my "products to make" and "blog posts to write" lists to hang in my little work zone in my office.  I am hoping they will keep me focused and inspired.  I'll let you know...

Another little project that I have been working on I have been forcing my teenage son to do is making these cute little goody bags to use at a few upcoming teacher conventions.  I spent WAY too many hours designing my business card and pen, but I do LOVE how they turned out!

I am also "getting my creative on" by making some samples to use in an upcoming product.  I have had fun just letting loose and playing a's been a very intense few months at school, and I think we all need to find some "fun" to work back into our day.  UPDATE!  It's finished!  Click HERE if you want to see more about it...

Finally, the BIG PROJECT I am working on...and it still isn't complete... 


That's right...instead of constantly having to scramble to find all my ten frames, my different dice, white boards, lesson ideas, and the like--I am organizing one single rolling cart of math!

The top is file folders filled with intervention tasks organized by topic--subitizing, composing/decomposing numbers to 10, and so on.  I can even keep my assessment documents handy so I don't have to go foraging every time I need one.

The drawers are filled with stuff I am always hunting for!  The top drawer has markers, paper, pencils, wipe off boards and so on.  The bottom drawer has counters, dice, bead racks, number cards and more.

 I can't wait to finish stuffing the folders on the top so I am always ready for my next group!  The Math Recovery training I went to last week was SO amazing...this cart will certainly make it easier for me to implement all the great stuff I learned.

I know I am desperately in need of some rejuvenation time...for my mind and my spirit.  Spring break...I NEED you!  Hope all of you are doing well...


  1. I love math stations. I'm also loving your intervention cart. Great idea

    1. Thanks! I STRUGGLE with organization, so I'm always on a quest to improve..

  2. Ohh...I like the idea of using an intervention cart also. I am constantly getting up and down to get items when I'm working with different groups. I'm sure I waste a great deal of time. I am just out of space in my room. I need to build an additional room for all my stuff.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  3. That cart idea is brilliant!!! I'll have to put that on my list to get together for next year.....I still have too much to finish for this Thanks for linking up:) My spring break ends tonight:/ Kinda sad...ok, really sad....haha:)

    4th Grade Frolics

    1. Mine starts Saturday! Thanks ALWAYS for your great link up! :)

  4. Love the cart!! Was the top originally for file folders or did you "convert" it?

    Kate :)
    McDee's Busy Bees

    1. Hi was "original"! I think I paid 9 buck for that thing a few years ago and have never used it!