We LOVE to read!

Last year my student LOVED the book project we did so much that I knew I had to do it again.  We have recently finished our opinion writing unit, so this was a perfect way to review the concept that you can express an opinion and then give a reason so it makes your opinion more compelling!

I turned this project into a TpT product, but it is SO simple to do that you certainly can do it all on your own!  I added the templates and the bulletin board letters and designs for people who want the entire display ready to print and cut!

Here's all you have to do!

Each student spends some time thinking about a book they have read that they REALLLLY love.  It could be a picture book or a novel or even a book you read together.  They fill out the mini book review (It just says "A book I LOVE is..." and then "because" for them to fill out their reason.)  We do a little sharing with small groups so students can hear each others' ideas and then the fun begins!

I have some tracers they can use, scraps of fun scrapbook paper, funky scissors--the sky's the limit!  Have heart stickers?  Use them!  Have glitter?  Use at your own risk!

The students mount their reviews on a bigger heart (I make a template out of cardstock that they trace for ease--but they could make their own) and the decorating begins!

The back table ends up a mess, but the kids love "getting their creativity on"!

Here are few of the finished ones!  They look FANTASTIC hung up...I like to hang them in the hallway so other students can check out the great book ideas!

If you want this whole project ready to go with bulletin board headers and the like--here is the link to the one in my store--but I think you see how easy this would be to do on your own!


  1. Very cute! And an easy way to share what book they love!

  2. Great idea! I think I'll have them do this as a reading response to a book they read in independent reading next week. Thanks for the idea.

  3. It was fun...it didn't take long, we reviewed the idea of proving their ideas--and the kids are having a ball stopping by the display to see what their friends and classmates shared!