Holy Great Math Conference!

If you are like me, the chance to go to workshops happens once in a blue moon.  As funding has been reduced to our schools, the opportunities to attend professional development outside the district has all but gone away.  Instead, many of us who have been teaching a LONNNNNNNG time end up PRESENTING the professional development in our buildings!

I was afforded the opportunity to attend our state math council's assessment conference and it was FABULOUS!  I will be blogging about several pieces of it over the next weeks.  The topic I am most excited about is "Number Talks"--a routine I have been dabbling with and now am going to begin incorporating into my daily routine.  The success stories told at this conference were inspiring!  The research is VERY compelling about the impact of doing number talks, and I can't wait to "clean up" my approach a little.

There are many resources out there--web based and print based--but the "fearless leader" of them all is the one that I have...and have browsed through to get the gist of things.  It is officially now time to read the entire thing...that's how excited I am about this topic.  Have you seen it?

So...watch for some fresh ideas coming soon on the blog--from number talks to concept sorts to types of assessment.  I hope I can share some of the great ideas I had with you...and maybe you will want to try a few new things in the new year as well!  Watch for my first post on "number talks" this week!  Here's the link if you want to learn more...


  1. I use the Number Talk book several times a week with my second graders. They can solve 2-digit addition problems in their heads! It's an amazing resource!

  2. We were introduced to Number Talks last year and I used it often in my classroom. My students did really well with it and I saw that extend to other parts of math. Can't wait to read more!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  3. I'm looking forward to your blogs!

  4. I have been reading Number Talks as part of a book study and love it. We have a school in our district that has incorporated Number Talks into nearly every class and they swear by it. I've yet to have a chance to give it a try with my own students but look forward to it. I am interested to hear your feedback on using them.
    Rooting for Third Grade

  5. Glad to hear so many others are digging in! More updates soon!