Countdown to 2014 Giveaway Day 5!

It's the FINAL DAY of our COUNTDOWN to 2014!  I hope you've been able to snap up some great deals from the three of us!  Today is the day for ONE item that you can get today for 1/2 off! Such a deal!

If you stopped by the last FOUR days, you know that I've decided to team up with two amazing friends to make sure our last days of 2013 are PLENTY sweet!  We've decided to host a little countdown for these final five days of this year...and we hope you find it a great time to stock up on some great new activities and resources.  Tomorrow is the first day of the New Year--and we will be picking our winners then.

In addition to giving you some special deals, each of us is hosting a giveaway as well--on my blog, enter to win a $25 gift certificate to Teachers Pay Teachers to get some great new resources for the New Year!  To sweeten the pot a little, we have decided to offer special discounts each and every day.  Check out the details below!

So today is day 5, and I am going to share my very newest product and offer it to you today only for 50% off--until 11 pm central time!  Just as a little background...You may be familiar with the research done with children and how they acquire math understanding—especially in problem solving called CGI or “cognitively guided instruction”.  If you aren’t familiar with it, I highly recommend a little reading because it is fascinating!

The work is so thorough and well respected that the writers of the CCSS have chosen to base a good part of the standards on it!  In fact, if you have not spent time looking at the tables in the glossary (pages 88-89), I would recommend it as the CCSS for grades 1-4 refer directly to them.  This resource is designed to help teachers provide students with quality problems to help them navigate these problem types.  Because students come to the table with a variety of skills, each problem has 3 different “select a size” number choices to help make the problem a perfect fit! Rather than having to find different problems for your different levels, you can teach the different problem types and the differentiated numbers are right on the page!  

This set focuses on the 6 different problem types associated with ADDITION...and I hope to have subtraction and multiplication and division sets in my store soon!  I hope you enjoy it and that it helps your students become better problem solvers--not just students who automatically add two numbers in a problem!  It is probably best suited for grades 2-3, but my first grade teacher friend has used it with her students very successfully and I am using it with my struggling fourth graders.

Now...don't forget to enter the giveaway as well!  Who couldn't use $25 to use on classroom supplies?  If you ALREADY follow me in all these places, just let me know who you are when you click on the rafflecopter!  Today is the last day to enter--so GOOD LUCK!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And finally, make sure to stop by Miss Math Dork and 4mulaFun to see what THEY have on sale and to enter their giveaways as well!  Watch for new deals each day until the New Year...and we'll announce all three giveaway winners on January 1, 2014!  I am SO excited to share my latest resource with you as well...plan on a blog post coming after the giveaway!


  1. Love you and your stuff! So glad you are a part of this giveaway!

  2. Love you and your stuff! So glad you are a part of this giveaway!

  3. In the new year, I hope to help my class work more independently!

    Btw...I am getting ready to use your fraction stuff for our next math unit! Great stuff!

  4. Well, in the new year, I cannot wait to be back in the classroom as a substitute teacher and also observe the students more.

  5. I look forward to enjoying every moment with my seven month old.

  6. I'm looking forward to visiting my parents in their new place out West!