Sorry for "Going Missing"

Hey sorry the blog has been quiet this week.  It has been a very trying week as I have been spending 24/7 with my younger son in the hospital where doctor after doctor is struggling to find a way to help him.  I don't talk much about this here, but my son is severely autistic and managing his care over the years has gotten progressively more difficult.  He has developed some new symptoms that are causing him huge amounts of pain and no one can figure out why.  Seeing our kids suffer is the worst, isn't it?  Sigh.

Anyway...when I have a few minutes here and there, I have been working on something for WEEKS that I am SO excited about and hope to have ready to share with you by tomorrow.  You know how I feel about pushing kids to persevere and to tackle math challenges--and I think this resource is going to help others see how fun and meaningful it can be to push kids out of their comfort zone!  A huge part of math is attitude and math "behaviors", and if we can get kids to savor challenging math experiences, we will have a much easier time teaching them rigorous content!  So stay tuned...I have been using these problems with my students and they L-O-V-E them!


  1. Sorry to hear about your son's worsening condition. Prayers coming your way.

  2. That's a bummer . . .having new medical concerns about your son. I can't image how hard that is with having to work, too! So stressful. I pray that the doctors find some answers to his pain and that you can find some ways to manage all of the nuances of his needs.

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  3. So sorry that you have much to worry about. I have a special needs son, too, and it can be overwhelming at times! Take time for your and for him…all the rest can wait! Peace to you...

  4. I am sending thoughts and prayers to you.....stay strong!!

  5. Sorry to hear about your own little cherub. Stay strong. I am looking forward to your post about the types of math problems you've begun to use. Sounds interesting!
    Take care.

  6. Continued prayers, bloggy friend! <<>>

    Hello Mrs Sykes