Five For Friday!


I'm joining up with Doodle Bugs this week to share out FIVE things from this week!  I chose to not take pictures of some of the "less pleasant" parts of the week--and there definitely were some!

Like this.  Report cards.  Grading.  Sigh . . . I will be doing this all weekend.
This is my wallet.  I took a picture of it as it has now been returned to me from the Dallas/Forth Worth Airport where it spend the last week and a half somewhere between customs and the lost and found.
Welcome home, friend.

Please refer to photos one and two when understanding why I ate copious amounts of these this week.

Had a GREAT math lesson the other day--students were SO engaged and we really addressed multiple "Standards for Mathematical Practice".  Check it out if you want--I linked it below.  
I finally kicked of my "Genius Hour"!  I can't wait to dig in deeper next week and to start blogging about it!  The kids are SO excited.

So . . . here are FIVE little snippets of my week.  I had no photos of our standardized testing, the students with the meltdowns, the ridiculous number on my scale, my "stress complexion", or any other assorted "undesirables". 

I am, however, SUPER excited that something is brewin' on the blog!  If you stop by this weekend, you might notice some changes . . . and make SURE to come back Sunday for a big announcement!

Interested in my post from above?  


  1. I feel your pain about grading. I was there this week too. So glad all grades are in!

    1. Lucky you! I am working hard today--hoping to get them mostly finished before bed!

  2. Yeah . . . I've gotta finish report cards this weekend, too. Too bad we can't commiserate and do them together!

    What I Have Learned

    1. So true! I am keeping myself company with snacks instead--not a good choice!

  3. That wouldn't be fun to not have your wallet for so long...but hey, it's a good ending that someone turned it in for you. I like hearing stories like that.

    Sorry about report cards... good luck!
    Crayons and Whimsy

    1. UGH! It was in Customs and it was supposed to be returned the next day to the lost and found. It took all this time to get people to return my call and actually "find" it in their piles! Luckily I had left credit cards at home...whew!