Goin' on a Blog Hunt!

Well . . . the switch over to Blog Lovin' seems to have gone well!  I continue to get emails every day about new people following Fourth Grade Studio via Blog Lovin'!  I hope everyone was able to continue to follow their favorite blogs and no one missed a beat!

For those of you new to my blog, I hope you take some time to snoop around!  I try hard to put a few key labels in most of my posts so you can quickly skim through my label list to the left and click on some of your favorite topics!  If you haven't been here before, hopefully you will get the sense for how much I love what I do--and love to CHALLENGE my students!  I have been working for the last two years to fully implement the Common Core, and the lessons and activities I share are aligned to the Core.  I am passionate about helping students develop their higher level thinking skills as well nurturing their love of learning.  Take some time to snoop around and see some of the things we did in our "Fourth Grade Studio" last year!

Want to find some other blogs as a part of this Blog Hunt?

Thanks for stopping by--and I hope you find your way back often!


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