Book Blogging Buddies Week 6!

It's time again to talk about our collaborative book study!  This week's post (on chapter 6) is being hosted by Jennifer at Teaching to Inspire in 5th.   Click here to check out her post!  

Again, please don't worry if you missed any of the first weeks--each chapter really has merit on its own and is worth checking out! This week's post is about strategies that help students tackle problems in different ways.  Please stop by and join in the fun--and leave your comments and ideas!

Other news...I've uploaded a few new products and am super excited about them!  My Open Ended Word Problem Set 2 is finally available, and I know some of you have been wondering if I would ever make it.  Sorry it took so long!  The good news is that I think it's even BETTER than set one--and each problem task also comes with extensions.  Coming soon--"Back to School" word problem sets to kick of the year!  Stay cool if you are in the heat like we are (pant pant) and enjoy your day.  Don't forget to hop over to today's post!

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