A product swap!

Hey everyone!  I just wanted to let you in on a little product "swap" I did with Teresa from over at Confessions of a Teaching Junkie!

She grabbed a copy of my Getting Ready for Reading product that I wrote about the other day and blogged about it.  In exchange, she sent me the following!

Both of these games are great independent practice for multiplication facts--and are going to be a great addition to the math tubs I am working on for fall  I am desperate to find a way to manage a more "guided math" approach, and I know that some of these math tubs are really going to help me out!  I plan on blogging more about them in the coming weeks, but I am super excited to have had some help getting my multiplication tub going!

The way it works is easy--3 to 4 players roll 2 dice, multiply the numbers, and collect the matching "ingredients" to make their banana split or pizza.  They earn their scoops, crusts, and toppings--and can LOSE turns, LOSE toppings, TAKE from others and so on!  I can't wait to let my students give it a try.  In order to build their "meal" they are going to get lots of practice (which I like!) . . . so many games are more game than practice.  Take a peek below and see a finished banana split . . .

How cute is THAT?

I've got the links to her products listed above if you want to take a peek.  I have my set of the banana split game all ready and have my pizza pages ready to laminate!  Make sure to check out Teresa's blog as well . . . 

Confessions of a Teaching Junkie

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