800 followers...and you win!

I cannot believe this journey started for me only eight months ago! In that 8 months I have learned so much about myself… About technology… And about the world of business! I have made new friends and reenergized myself as an educator.

8 months ago I didn't know what Instagram was. I didn't understand why Twitter was a valuable professional development tool. I knew nothing about blogging. I really didn't believe anybody was interested in what I had to say!  I certainly didn't think anybody would pay money for the ideas I had or the products I created. Boy, was I wrong!

Yesterday I passed the 800 follower point on my TpT store. 800!  I am just so humbled by your support--and want to do something special for you!

That's right!  I have picked 8 of my products . . . some best sellers.  Some lesser knows.  Some new.  Each one is being reduced by 50% for 8 hours tomorrow!  So...enjoy your weekend and stop by my store on Monday to check out these special deals--for 8 hours only!

Here are the links if you are interested!

Again, thank you so much for your support and I hope you find something above to make your life a little easier! 


  1. Thanks...can't wait to pick up a few things I have sitting in my wishlist

  2. Congratulation buddy it's only possible for your hardworking and efficiency with this work. After 8 month you achieve 800 followers it's a great achievement for you. Again congratulate you and please encourage other to buy instagram followers