The Differentiated Math Classroom: PART 2!

Happy Saturday, Everyone!

It's time to kick off our reading of section 2!  I hope you are enjoying it.  I know a few of you have chimed in on the blog about section one, and I hope we can get some more people involved with section 2.  I have decided to only have TWO days for posts this week--but feel free to add in comments wherever they seem reasonable!

This section had a number of different focus areas that caught my eye and seemed as if they would make good discussion points.  Dig in and share resources that have worked for you, share ideas of what you already do that works--and comment on each other's ideas as well!  Let's be honest--differentiation is HARD.  We can all use whatever help we can offer each other!  This week, I will post on Tuesday and Thursday for comments.  Here are the discussion points for those two days!


Chapter 4 talks about problem solving and "good" problems.  What are the resources we can use to find good problems?  What are some "hints" for making sure ALL students can be successful at some of these higher level problems?

Chapter 5 focuses on grouping students and "flexibility".  What are some ways that you have grouped students successfully?  How do you manage this?  How do you handle students who finish work at different rates?


Chapter 6 is all about planning your instructional time--from yearly planning to daily planning.  How much flexibility do you have with your planning?  What is a "typical" math class like for you--and how do you feel you need to change it?  

Chapter 7 provides us with some detailed examples of differentiation in action.  What "aha's" did you have? What DOUBTS do you have?  Let's be honest--it all sounds good on paper, right?  What do you perceive to be the biggest obstacles to some of the ideas presented in the last few chapters?

Ready to dig in?  I have lots of thinking to do as well . . . this section opened up some glaring "holes" in what I do, and I need to do some soul searching to figure out how to make some improvements!  I look forward to your thoughts this week!

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