The Differentiated Math Classroom--The Final Chapter!

It's here!  The final blog post about "The Differentiated Math Classroom".  On Saturday I asked you to think about your next steps.  Here is your chance to let us all know what your hopes, dreams, and plans are for the following school year when it comes to differentiation in math.  I had posted the following as possible topics to get you started, but the sky is the limit!  

  • What next?
  • MY teaching style?
  • Math pedagogy?
  • Randall Charles' "21 Big Ideas of Math"
  • Professional development?
  • The lesson list--pages 173-175
  • Anchor activities?
  • Homework ideas?
  • Any other thoughts?

Let's hear what YOU want to do next year.  Even if you weren't a part of the book study, I think we can all relate to the issues surrounding our "fast finishers" and our "need more coaching" kiddos--and that we could probably be doing more for both groups.

Here are my goals for the upcoming school year:

1.  Offer differentiated homework on a regular basis.

2.  Do a better job of using a math workshop approach so I can meet with small groups.  I know I have both strugglers (many) and very able (a few) learners next year so "one size fits all" instruction is just not going to cut it.

3.  Do a better job challenging my top kiddos with meaningful work.

So let's hear it!  Shout out your goals here--and let's help each other make them happen!  Thanks for participating in my first try at a book club!

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