Cool Stuff and Good News!

Happy Sunday, everyone!  It's been stormy around here, but the crazy weather has given me some time to wrap up loose ends on a few things!

First of all, I had to share some of the nifty things I have bought to use in my classroom next year.  I just KNOW these will increase test scores!  HA!

Check out this monster tape runner!  I know tape runners are expensive--so when I mount student work I usually just use glue stick and hope.  But now???  I was so impressed with its size and its pinkness that  I couldn't stop myself.

OK.  I fess up.  I bought all 5 of them on the clearance shelf.  I've seen this buggers go for $20!  I got each one for $2.56!  Check out my stash.  I'm a little embarrassed.  Just a little.

Scrapbook storage boxes . . .  can you say "Literacy Unit Storage"?  They will stack so nice--and I can keep project samples. folded anchor charts, and so on.  MUCH better than a file folder!

Have you seen these?  It's a drawing pad--but the pages are sticky at the top like those cool chart pads!  I am POSITIVE there is a very important use for this!

So . . . with MY shopping complete, it was time to get to work.

I dug into my computer files and finished up a few new products--and when I posted them to my store I noticed that I now have 100 items!  What does that mean?  A SALE!  That's right--today and tomorrow only--15% off all 100 of them . . . and YES, the June special of buy 2, get 1 of equal or lesser value free.  Who doesn't love a bargain?  So . . . stop on by and pick up some of the new products or some of the old ones you've had your eye one.  Here are my most recent additions!  Not sure about the deal?  Here is a link to the post explaining it.        June Special!

Here's the new stuff! 
This bundle saves you 20% off buying each product separately . . . so it's 15% off of 20% off!

The third and final "Pausing Point" product!

Watch for a blog post about this coming up soon . . . this is a remake of one of my early products--but WAY improved!

Another set of word problems for the Grade 3-4 range!

Have a great day--and stay safe if you are in the path of some of these storms!  This week on the blog . . . a "Make It Monday" link, information about my math journal prompts, the final book study post, and more!


  1. Meg a shopper after my own heart! I would NOT be embarrassed about scoring those tape guns! AWESOME find girl! Love the idea about the scrapbooking boxes too! I love to save anchor samples of student work, and those boxes are just the right size. I will have to keep my eyes peeled for some. Congrats on finishing your products! I wish I could get motivated to make something...but really I don't have any ideas right now!
    Counting down the days til Friday..that's right...I'm still in school. How bout you?

    1. Done! I was done June 12 but had 3 days of meeting last week. This week is only one half day meeting!

  2. Where did you pick up the tape runners? I need some!

  3. Yes - where did you purchase them? I'd love to get one!

  4. The tape guns were at Target...they sell them in the scrapbooking aisle. I have NO idea why these 5 were so cheap...the others are full price. Check your end caps!

  5. Oh, I'm going to have to add the Pausing Points to my wishlist. :)
    Creating Lifelong Learners

  6. I am so jealous of your amazing steals! I can't wait to see how you decorate your boxes so that they are ready to keep you ORGANIZED next year! Maybe some strips of washi tape as a border???

    Also, I see an altered ATG in the future for a Monday Made It for you!

    Jennifer Smith-Sloane

  7. I bought 6 items from your TPT store and here are the 3 items I want for free:

    1. Trilogy Matching Game Place Value Through Millions Edition
    2. Trilogy Matching Game Metric Conversions Edition
    3. Open Ended Math Challenges--Grades 3-6

    I had a really hard time deciding what to get. Everything you make looks so good. Can't wait to use them this year. I'm especially excited about the Fractions unit and the Intermediate Math Journal prompts.

    My email is

  8. LOVE that tape runner too!! The refills are so cheap and they last a really long time! I can't believe you got it that cheap! WOW!! You will love it. The tape is really sticky so there is not much room for error though when going paper to paper.
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  9. I bought the Math Journal Prompts and was hoping to get the Algebra Thinking Word Problems as part of your June sale. My TPT username is ikkinr20 and my email is

    PS-My summer reading (aside from professional books) has consisted of the One and Only Ivan and Flutter. I LOVED both of them, but I think I agree with your class and say that Flutter wins. :)