Book Blogging Buddies 2!

It's time again to talk about our collaborative book study!  This week's post (on chapter 2) is being hosted by the wonderful Jenn!  Click here to check out 4mulafun's Blog Post

Need to catch up?  The first week's post was hosted by Jamie and can be accessed by clicking here

This week's chapter gives a great overview of a problem solving "framework" . . . if you haven't read the book, stop by anyway and check out what people have to say!  Problem solving is SUCH a complex and essential part of math instruction--and this book is a great way to really dig in and think about your current practice and your "preferred state" of being!

Don't forget about our other book study going on!  Come on, followers!  30 of you signed up . . . let's hear what you have to say!  Add on to the discussion on yesterday's post.  We are really getting to the "heart" of the book!

Lots to learn with these great math books, so take a deep breath and dive right in!

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