Bloglovin' Giveaway!


This is my SECOND time writing this post as Blogger completely WIPED out the first one--even after I saved it!  I am sooooo sad!

I'll keep it short and sweet!  Google Reader is going away on July 1. Bloglovin' is a great option.  Good news!  I am making it easy for you to follow me (and follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest if you want!) . . . all buttons and links are to the right.  I have been using Bloglovin', and I must admit that I like how easy it is to follow people!

I decided to sweeten the pot a little!

To make it more fun, I'm hosting a mini-raffle starting tonight at midnight!  Enter to win a chance to win $15 worth of products from my store--and you have all summer to cash it in in case you want to wait to see what's coming soon!  I will announce the winner on July 1--the same day I announce my July special!  That means there are 3 more days to cash in on the June deal!

Ready to enter?

A few more things . . . have you seen Ashley's giveaway over at The School Supply Addict?  It's unbelievable--and she is celebrating quite a milestone!  You really should check it out (one of my products is featured Saturday!) and enter!  She has tons of amazing things as prizes!

Have a great weekend . . . and good luck!


  1. Hy Miss Meg - did you ever ask that question about clip art you had recently? Don't see if but making sure it didn't get swallowed up somewhere. Always happy to help!
    Whimsy Workshop

  2. Hey new friend! Always happy to find fellow 4th grade teachers! I found you on the blog lovin' linky!
    Pinkadots Elementary

    1. Wonderful! Thanks for stopping by! Linky parties are great for making new connections!