The Big Announcement! A Collaborative Book Study!

Ok...I know a bunch of you have already signed on for my book clubs, but a great opportunity crossed my path and I couldn't refuse!  My math "trilogy" of professional reading continues with a collaborative book study with 3 of my other "math geek" blog friends from All Things Upper Elementary!  We will be taking turns "hosting" different chapters on our blogs and hopefully having great discussions about a critical topic-- problem solving!

Check out the posts all summer on my friends' blogs!

Jennifer Smith-Sloane at 4mulafun

Jamie Riggs at Miss Math Dork

Jennifer Findley at Teaching to Inspire in 5th Grade

The book being read for THIS book study is . . . NCTM President Linda Gojak's book "What's Your Math Problem?  Click on the image below to go to Amazon and check it out!

If you choose to participate, let me know--and have the first chapter read by June 12!  Check back to the posts which will be rotating among our blogs and join in the discussion.  We have so much to learn together this summer!

So . . . let me know--are you in for this one too?  You can do it!


  1. Yay!!! Looks SO fun, but YIKES Amazon says it might not be shipped for 1-2 months??

    Ms. BBZ: Integrated Learning in Second Grade

    1. Oh no!!! I just looked on BN and have THIS link...

  2. Found it at Barnes and Noble!

  3. I'm in too. Looking forward to learning with everyone!

  4. Wonderful! I'm so glad all of you can join us! We should have some fantastic discussions and end up with a great bunch of teaching ideas to start the year!

  5. Minds on Mathematics and the Differentiated Math Classroom came today, and I just bought this book, too. looking forward to it.