Mothers, Math, and More

Happy Mother's Day!

I know--like with all holidays--Mother's Day can lead to mixed feelings for many people.  Today I think of my own mother as she travels to "The Big Apple" with her two sisters for their annual trip and reflect on how much she has always loved me and how much I have always wanted to do my best for her.  That feeling of wanting to "not disappoint" is so deeply ingrained in me and I sometimes wonder what exactly happened in my upbringing to make that such a part of who I am.  It seems more and more children are missing a healthy amount of that, don't you think?  I love you, Mom!  I know it wasn't always easy--but you are appreciated!

One of my iris that was dug up from my mother's house which was dug up from her mother's house...we pass on many things to our children, don't we?!

But, today, I think about my own children and what a blessing it has been to be THEIR mother.  Whether sitting through rain and wind at a baseball game that should have been called off, reminding for the 847th time to pick the wet towel off the bedroom floor, calling to argue with the doctor about medications for my special needs child, or snuggling with my 15 year old to watch "Dance Moms" so he is ready to critique the show with the rest of the baseball team the next day--motherhood is certainly the most important job I have ever done.  It makes me ache to see when people abuse the privilege.  It breaks my heart when the privilege is taken away from deserving people.  So, today, celebrate the people (and critters!) in your life who have made you who you are and continue to impact you every day!

Now--on to math and more!

I haven't started counting down the days at school because I don't like the feeling of counting down.  I try to embrace each day and not feel like I'm "crossing it off".  That being said, at a certain point you need to know how many are left to make sure you can inventory what is left to do!  What do YOU have left to do this year?  Here's my "list"!

  • a brief review of fractions and decimals and how they relate
  • continued work on problem solving (see below)
  • a unit on patterning and algebra thinking (super excited about this!)
  • our motion and design engineering unit
  • "Biz World"--an economics unit
  • In language arts we are studying "social issues" until the end of the year
  • In writing we are going to be writing "6 word memoirs"
This, of course, all gets sandwiched in between several field trips, assemblies, celebrations, and other end-of-year schedule changes!  Things are always a little "interesting" at the end, aren't they?  So spill it!  What do YOU still have left to work on with your students this year?  Do you do anything fun and exciting to celebrate?

In case you are looking for a little something extra, I did finish up an "end of year" themed set of word problems.  I like to have these on hand in case we have a few minutes here and there.  

I hope each of you has a wonderful day--I will spend mine grading math tests, doing laundry, and NOT COOKING!  Don't forget to share some of your end-of-year plans below!


  1. Love the IrisI am waiting for mine to bloom. They are from my mother's house as well. 27 years after her passing, and they still bring me great joy. Your photo made my Mother's Day!

    1. Awww...Marcia. So glad you liked the pic! I hope you have had a wonderful Mother's Day!