End of Year Preparations

Aren't three day weekends glorious!

I hope all of you have been able to regroup and relax.  I know many people are starting to finish up at school--but I have been surprised to hear how many people go even deeper in June than I do!  My students' last day is June 11,  and I go until the 12th--with 7 other scheduled days in district this summer for data retreats, trainings, and the like.

As the days wind down with students, we need to finish assessing, finish our final units, and get some closure to the year.  Being a fourth grade in a K-4 building, my students not only leave ME, but leave the school as well so we try to prepare them for this change by taking a trip to the new school, reflecting on their time in our building, and building connections with students in other classrooms so they know as many faces as possible when they merge with the other 2 elementary schools in fifth grade.

This week, as we begin to wind down,  I am going to do some brainstorming about their memories for this year (we are going to write small memoirs) about what we have learned, how they have changed, what was special to them, and so on.  Some years I actually do a bulletin board where the students write up their reflections and I can use it to welcome my new "herd" of students in the fall.  I have decided to do that this year--it's a great reflection tool for these students, tons of fun for my next class, and (insert sheepish grin) a ready-made bulletin board for fall!

I put together how I am going to do it . . . threw in a few options for people . . . and plopped it in my store last night in case anyone is interested and doesn't want to plan it out themselves!  Keep the faith through these next weeks--look for a Biz World update tomorrow!

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