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BizWorld Updates, OK Donations, and More!

Happy Memorial Day!  I hope everyone has had a relaxing weekend.  I thought I'd update you on a few things as we move into the new week.

First of all, in honor of the tornado victims, a portion of my sales today will be donated to the Red Cross.  I donated products to the bundles being sold, but I will also be writing a check myself to go directly to the Red Cross after today's sales are complete.  

Secondly, watch soon for an exciting announcement about how my book studies this summer are going to change a little bit!  One book will remain the same--but a NEW book has been swapped out for the other.  I can't tell you more now--but it's going to be a great book study AND a lot of fun for me!

Finally, I promised you an update about Biz World!

What has happened since my last update?  Let's see if I can remember it all . . .

  • Each company has come up with a name, a logo, and a slogan
  • Each company has designed a billboard to hang above their "company" (ie: desk group)
  • Each company has signed a business contract and had to visit the "state government" (ie:  school secretary) to file the paperwork and pay the fee for incorporating their company--an.d in exchange received 10 shares of stock.  We talked about the "pie" of profit--if the company keeps ALL 10 shares of stock, they keep all their profits.  We also talked about the start up costs of a business and it became crystal clear to the companies that they were going to need some additional funding for their rent, salaries, and other expenses.
All "employees" were required to sign the business contract and code of behavior.

  • Each company has started working on their business plan so they can "pitch" to the venture capitalist--their goal is to be so convincing that the venture capitalist will agree to pay top dollar for only 2 shares of stock.  
Each company got 10 shares when it incorporated with the government!

  • Each company is starting to plan their "prototype" bracelet so they can test whether or not it will be efficient to manufacture.  On Tuesday, a friendship bracelet making course will be offered--for a fee, of course!  Most companies plan on sending one or two people to the class!
As you can imagine, the students are SO into this!  This week--the company presidents and VP's of Finance make their pitches to the venture capitalist (ME!) and get funding!  This will allow them to buy supplies, pay rent and salaries (and FINES!  I have already fined two groups for "littering"!  I love this power at the end of the year!) and more!  Watch for another update this week once things get rolling again!

Again, if you know of anyone who needs products from my store today--I will making a donation to the Red Cross in honor of those in need in Oklahoma based on my sales.  I am also hoping to start seeing some sales on my "Rescue Pets" word problems--two charities could be helped at one time!  Have a wonderful day--and remember those of who have served our country as you enjoy your time with family and friends.  We can do THAT because of THEM.


  1. Thanks for the update on how your BizWorld project is going. I have applied for my own classroom and am keeping my fingers crossed that I can receive one of the free kits. I am learning so many great things from your blog. Thank you!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

    1. Excellent! I hope you can get one--my kids just LOVE it!

  2. Thanks for sharing about Biz World. This sounds like an awesome program! I am headed to their website now to check it out!

  3. Thank you for all your wonderful and inspiring ideas. I just moved to 4th grade from 17 years in k and 1st. I have learned so much from you and plan to keep following. You are great!

    1. Thanks, Martha! You have been such a loyal follower! You have had quite a year! My new teammate next year has spent her full career in primary--I will let her know it CAN be done! :)

  4. Wow- I love your ideas on your blog and am following you on TPT- great products! Laura


    1. Thanks, Laura! Super glad to hear that! I appreciate your kind words...

  5. Ugh, I just ordered the two books on amazon! When will we know which one is changing?

    1. No worries! I think I will still do both...check out the latest post. The first one will be the differentiation book in June!

    2. Thanks...I'm excited. Sorry at the lake so Internet is only through my phone!! Just got back on!


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