Biz World Update #3!

Well… It was a busy day in biz world in grade 4! It is very difficult to share every little detail of this program, so I sure hope some of you are able to join up and get your own kits!  This post is a set of "snapshots" of what has happened over the last several days--I don't want you to think this all happened at once!

This week, the four companies were able to hang their signs above their businesses (desk groups) and and all had the chance to work on creating a "pitch" to present to the venture capitalist to try to get funding.  The better the pitch, the better the offer from the venture capitalist. In fact, the students even have a rubric that they used to guide them so they knew what the venture capitalist was looking for.  They all have logos and slogans and are thinking about their "vision" for their store.

Of course, I was the venture capitalist and I was not warm and fuzzy during our meetings!  The company presidents and VP's of Finance did the presentations.  I critiqued their pitches, I talked about the appearance of their business and storefront area, I commented on what I had noticed about how their company worked together. In the end, I made four different offers to the different companies, and two of the offers were dependent on some improvements!

The Venture Capitalist "notes"

The list of graduate grows...

3 shares of stock in exchange for 37 Biz Bucks.  

Companies that had worked well together, had sent employees to "Bracelet University" (1 Biz buck per person per session!), and showed other signs of initiative fared well.  Once the companies got their money from the venture capitalist in exchange for two or three shares of stock, they sent to work making their prototype bracelets. Lots of planning had gone into this and they had to even register their design with a patent application.  Students had to spend their hard-earned money at the store to buy supplies . . .

Our store!

The goods!

This company was going through their finances and getting a purchase plan ready!

My next post will update you on the manufacturing process--next week the teams get busy and produce as many bracelets as they can!  We'll see if the Biz Buck incentive is enough to help their behavior.  A few more fines were handed out today . . .

We are having a blast--what a great unit to finish off our year together!  Have a great weekend,everyone!


  1. This is so incredibly cool! Love that you are doing this and I can't wait to hear more. :)
    Brandee @ Creating Lifelong Learners

    1. Thanks, Brandee! We are sure having fun and learning a ton!