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Wait! THAT isn't right!


Just thought I'd share a quick warm up I did with my fourth graders yesterday--nothing earth shattering, but one of those ideas that you might see and think, "Oh yeah--I haven't done THAT in a while!"

I fairly often will do a problem and ask the students if I got the correct answer so they can cross check it with their own work.  Today I asked the students to warm up by solving 3 computation problems--one addition, one subtraction, and one multiplication . . . all review.  I showed all my work and made one small error in each one--an error similar to the type I see some of them doing!

I love the idea of linking math to literacy, so I asked the students to "proofread" my work--to really "read" it to follow my thinking.  It was interesting to see which students were able to tell that I had it wrong . . . and which students were clearly able to pinpoint what I did wrong!  Almost everyone was able to tell me what went wrong in the addition problem, but they struggled some with the other two--not in knowing that I made errors, but in their ability to clearly "critique" my math.  Give it a try!  We need them to eventually be better able to proofread their own math and troubleshoot, so the more guided practice we can give, the better!

Have a great day--division posts to follow!


  1. Excellent idea! I'm going to plan a few of these mini-lessons in the coming weeks, well before state testing. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Hope your kiddos "ace" the test!

  2. You're right - I HAVEN'T done that in a while. Morning work - planned for the next week. Thanks! :)

    Ms. BBZ - Integrated Learning in Second Grade

    1. No problem! Sometimes I think we just have TOO MUCH crammed into our brains! It's hard to remember everything, isn't it? I always feel successful when I make it to school fully clothed...


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